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Course Name: Behavior Modification

Course Code:  


Credit Hours:

6 Credit


Topics Covered in This Course:

  In Section 1 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Areas Of Application: An Overview
     Getting A Behavior To Occur More Often With Positive Reinforcement
     Developing And Maintaining Behavior With Conditioned Reinforcement
     Decreasing A Behavior With Extinction
     Developing Behavioral Persistence Through The Use Of Intermittent Reinforcement
  In Section 2 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Types Of Intermittent Reinforcement To Decrease Behavior
     Doing The Right Thing At The Right Time And Place: Stimulus Discrimination And Stimulus Generalization
     Developing Appropriate Behavior With Fading
     Getting A New Behavior To Occur: An Application Of Shaping
     Getting A New Sequence Of Behaviors To Occur With Behavioral Chaining
     Eliminating Inappropriate Behavior Through Punishment
  In Section 3 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Establishing A Desirable Behavior By Using Escape And Avoidance Conditioning
     Procedures Based On Principles Of Respondent Conditioning
     Respondent And Operant Conditioning Together
     Transferring Behavior To New Settings And Making It Last: Generality Of Behavior Change
     Capitalizing On Exisiting Stimulus Control: Rules And Goals
     Capitalizing On Exisiting Stimulus Control: Modeling, Guidance, And Situational Inducement
  In Section 4 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Motivation And Behavior Modification
     Behavioral Assessment: Initial Considerations
     Direct Behavioral Assessment: What To Record And How
     Functional Assessment Of The Causes Of Problem Behavior
     Doing Research In Behavior Modification
     Planning, Applying, And Evaluating A Treatment Program
  In Section 5 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Token Economies
     Helping An Individual To Develop Self-Control
     Cognitive Behavior Modification
     Areas Of Clinical Behavior Therapy
     Giving It All Some Perspective: A Brief History
     ethical issues
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