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Course Name: Fundamentals of Drug Dosage Calculations

Course Code:  


Credit Hours:

6 Credit


Topics Covered in This Course:

  In Section 1 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Introduction To Pharmacology: Drug Regulation And Approval
     Drug Classes And Schedules
     Emergency Preparedness
     Principles Of Drug Administration
     The Nursing Process In Pharmacology
     Drug Administration Throughout The Lifespan
     Medication Errors
     Psychosocial, Gender, And Cultural Influences On Pharmacotherapy
  In Section 2 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Herbal And Alternative Therapies
     Substance Abuse
     Drugs Affecting The Autonomic Nervous System
     Drugs For Anxiety And Insomnia
     Drugs For Seizures
     Drugs For Emotional And Mood Disorders
     Drugs For Psychoses
     Drugs For The Control Of Pain
     Drugs For Local And General Anesthesia
     Drugs For Degenerative Diseases Of The Nervous System
  In Section 3 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Drugs For Neuromuscular Disorders
     Drugs For Lipid Disorders
     Drugs For Hypertension
     Drugs For Heart Failure
     Drugs For Angina Pectoris And Myocardial Infarction
     Drugs For Dysrhythmias
     Drugs For Coagulation Disorders
     Drugs For Hematopoietic Disorders
     Drugs For Shock
     Diuretic Therapy And Drugs For Renal Failure
  In Section 4 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Drugs For Fluid Balance, Electrolyte, And Acid-Base Disorders
     Drugs For Immune System Modulation
     Drugs For Inflammation, Fever, And Allergies
     Drugs For Bacterial Infections
     Drugs For Fungal, Protozoan, And Helminth Infections
     Drugs For Viral Infections
     Drugs For Neoplasia
     Drugs For Upper Respiratory Disorders
     Drugs For Lower Respiratory Disorders
     Drugs For Peptic Ulcer Disease
  In Section 5 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Drugs For Bowel Disorders, Nausea, And Vomiting
     Drugs For Nutritional Disorders
     Drugs For Pituitary, Thyroid, And Adrenal Disorders
     Drugs For Diabetes Mellitus
     Drugs For Disorders And Conditions Of The Female Reproductive System
     Drugs For Disorders And Conditions Of The Male Reproductive System
     Drugs For Bone And Joint Disorders
     Drugs For Skin Disorders
     drugs for eye and ear disorders
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