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Course Name: Introduction to criminology

Course Code:  


Credit Hours:

6 Credit


Topics Covered in This Course:

  In Section 1 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Criminology And The Sociological Perspective
     Public Opinion, The News Media And The Crime Problem
     The Measurement And Patterning Of Criminal Behavior
     Victims And Victimization
  In Section 2 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Explaining Crime: Emphasis On The Individual
     Sociological Theories: Emphasis On Social Structure
     Sociological Theories: Emphasis On Social Process
     Sociological Theories: Critical Perspectives
  In Section 3 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Violent Crime: Homicide, Assault, And Robbery
     Violence Against Women And Children
     Property Crime Key Points: Property Crime: Is A Category Of Crime That Includes, Among Other Crimes, Burglary, Larceny, Theft, Motor Vehicle Theft, Arson, Shoplifting, And Vandalism. Property Crime Only Involves The Taking Of Money Or Property, And Does Not Involve Force Or Threat Of Force Against A Victim. Although Robbery Involves Taking Property, It Is Classified As A Violent Crime, As Force Or Threat Of Force On An Individual That Is Present Is Involved In Contrast To Burglary Which Is Typically Of An Unoccupied Dwelling Or Other Unoccupied Building.
  In Section 4 of this course you will cover these topics:
     White-Collar And Organized Crime
     Political Crime
     Consensual Crime
  In Section 5 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Policing: Dilemmas Of Crime Control In A Democratic Society
     Prosecution And Punishment Definition/Overview: Punishment: Is The Practice Of Imposing Something Unpleasant Or Aversive On A Person Or Animal, Usually In Response To Disobedient Or Morally Wrong Behavior. Capital Punishment: The Death Penalty Or Execution, Is The Killing Of A Person By Judicial Process As Punishment. Crimes That Can Result In A Death Penalty Are Known As Capital Crimes Or Capital Offences. The Term Capital Originates From Latin Capitalis, Literally Regarding The Head (Latin Caput). Hence, A Capital Crime Was Originally One Punished By The Severing Of The Head.
     conclusion: how can we reduce crime? definition/overview: criminal justice system: criminal justice is the system of practices, and organizations, used by national and local governments, directed at maintaining social control, deterring and controlling crime, and sanctioning those who violate laws with criminal penalties. when processing the accused through the criminal justice system, government must keep within the framework of laws that protect individual rights.
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