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Course Name: Introduction to world history

Course Code:  


Credit Hours:

6 Credit


Topics Covered in This Course:

  In Section 1 of this course you will cover these topics:
     The Birth Of Civilization
     The Four Great Revolutions In Thought And Religion
     Greek And Hellenistic Civilization
     Iran, India, And Inner Asia To 200 C.E.
     Africa: Early History To 1000 C.E.
     Republican And Imperial Rome
     Chinas First Empire 221 B.C.E.-589 C.E
  In Section 2 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Imperial China 589 B.C.E. 1368 C.E
     Japan: Early History To 1467
     Iran And India Before Islam
     The Formation Of Islamic Civilization 622945
     The Byzantine Empire And Western Europe To 1000
     Islam In The Heartlands And Beyond, Ca. 10001600
     Ancient Civilizations Of The Americas
  In Section 3 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Europe In The Early 1500s: Revival, Decline, And Renaissance
     Europe 15001650: Expansion, Reformation, And Religious Wars
     Africa Ca. 10001800
     Conquest And Exploitation: The Development Of The Transatlantic Economy
     East Asia In The Late Traditional Era
     State Building And Society In Early Modern Europe
     The Last Great Islamic Empires (15001800)
  In Section 4 of this course you will cover these topics:
     The Age Of European Enlightenment
     Revolutions In The Transatlantic World
     In Nineteenth-Century Europe And North America, 18151880
     Northern Transatlantic Economy And Society, 18151914
     Latin America: From Independence To The 1940s
     India, The Islamic Heartlands, And Africa: The Challenge Of Modernity (18001945)
     Modern East Asia
  In Section 5 of this course you will cover these topics:
     Imperialism And World War I
     Depression, European Dictators, And The American New Deal
     World War Ii
     The West Since World War Ii
     East Asia: The Recent Decades
     postcolonialism and beyond: latin america, africa, asia, and the middle east
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