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RISE University’s degree, diploma and certificate programmes are globally recognised and accredited by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO). The University has been awarded the prestigious accreditation status after a rigorous evaluation through IAO’s patented accreditation process. RISE has been assessed on the IAO standards of the global best practices for working adults’ educational institutions in diverse fields such as Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance, with the agency’s Points Profile© - Registration Number Q-10657. The institution is full capable of and responsible for providing affordable and high quality education to students across the globe. .

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Points Profile

What is the Points Profile?

Every institution that’s accredited and globally recognised is completely evaluated on the IAO’s special patented profiling system, which categorises the applicant institutions against the IAO’s benchmark with regard to the world’s working adults’ best educational practices. The International Accreditation Organization has 18 organizational management metrics, 6 academic management metrics and 3 institutional performance metrics. Based on this evaluation, the IAO awards applicant institutions with its accreditation and provides them a special Points Profile©. In addition, there are many subjective measures that cannot be made part of the quantitatively scored institution’s points profile; therefore, they are assessed against the IAO’s accreditation type classification. There are three types of classifications: Green – which indicates the institution has not this subjective factor; Blue- which depicts that although the institution has this subjective factor, it does not address working adults; and Red- which suggests that the subjective factors in this section clearly and completely address working adults’ needs and requirements. The accreditation type and the points profile© make up the total accreditation of the institution.

About IAO

The International Accreditation Organization (IAO) is a self-governing and globally recognised accrediting body that confers accreditation on international universities. In order for an institution to acquire accreditation, it must follow IAO’s strict assessment procedure. Read more

Rise University promises to provide high quality and affordable education to students across the world. The accreditation awarded by the internationally reputed IAO enormously testifies to our superior education standards.

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Internationally accredited

RISE University is accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO)... Read more

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Facilitated by our global faculty, our easy-to-use automated online classrooms... Read more

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Our self-paced, flexible study programmes with no time constraints for completing courses in a given time frame provide the best learning and development for working adults. . Read more

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All RISE students get easy access to the exclusive Student Area. Through this area ... Read more

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RISE announces its fast-paced & pocket-friendly University programs
RISE announces its fast-paced & pocket-friendly University programs
RISE University offers all working adults and homeschool students worldwide the opportunity to complete their university-level education with utmost ease. RISE University is one
Easily revise and manage Communication Preferences
Easily revise and manage Communication Preferences
With this characteristic added in the RISE student Area, now learners at RISE can see or update their Communication preferences smoothly from the student area, if any information
RISE programs from the school of Social Services aims to deliver the best educational experience to students.
RISE programs from the school of Social Services aims to deliver the best educational experience to students.
The School of Social Services at RISE offers exclusive programs to enable students to face the challenges of the professional career and provide outstanding personal development
RISE begins its student orientation
RISE begins its student orientation
The education procedure at RISE has been made simple to let students to start their studies easily and swiftly
The School of Nursing at RISE comprises of the best learning tools in all its programs.
The School of Nursing at RISE comprises of the best learning tools in all its programs.
RISE School of Nursing engages its students to learn modern nursing in a proficient environment and build up team-working and communication skills.
RISE University is the leader in global online education industry in fighting against scams.
RISE University is the leader in global online education industry in fighting against scams.
RISE University is foremost frontier in the online education industry in establishing a widespread platform to thoroughly fight against the scammers.

Richard wanted a genuine, globally recognized degree for better career prospects. But with his full-time job and other personal commitments, he found it difficult, rather impossible, to pursue a full-time traditional higher education. So he began his search for the right online online university to obtain a university degree. He came up with the following three key questions in this regard.


Richard´s three questions were:

(i) How quickly could he get his degree?
(ii) Was it inexpensive and affordable?
(iii) Was the educational institution accredited and the education it provided of high quality?

He started research and short listed some of the best online universities based on his three requirements.

Richard decided to enroll in RISE University´s program. To his delight and satisfaction, he successfully completed his University degree within a year, in spite of his other full-time projects and personal commitments that took up a chunk of his time.

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