RISE University delivers education with the aim of reaching out to students all over the globe. The students of RISE are mainly adults who because of their full time jobs, family responsibilities or other obligations cannot commit themselves to campus based education. Over the years, we have become the preference of students seeking quality education because of our skilled faculty, industry responsive curriculums and effective online educational system.

Some of the reasons that set us apart from other online educational institutes are:

Affordable enrollment:

Enroll with only £99 and get:

  • First course absolutely FREE!
  • Admission absolutely FREE!
  • Student Area absolutely FREE! (No technology fee)

Our 2-step simple admission process is very easy. After enrollment your student area will be activated and you will be able to access your classroom right away.

16 schools of study and 71 majors

RISE University is the only online distance education university having 16 specialized schools offering education in 71 different majors. Schools include:

  • Business & Management
  • Nursing
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice
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All the degree, diploma and certificate programmes of RISE are accredited by International Accreditation Organization. IAO is a globally recognized educational quality assurance agency, working to improve the standards of education all over the world.

Study from the best

RISE University has some of the world's best faculty members on its staff. These faculty members are working professionals who have deep knowledge of their respective fields. All of our faculty members are dedicated teachers with passion to instill the knowledge they have learned through their experience. Their excellent academic and professional background allows them to conduct stimulating and productive online classrooms. They will be your perfect guide and will take you to your success, both in the classroom and in your career.

Finish your programme in less than a year

RISE University's accredited online degree programmes are offered to the students in a highly convenient and flexible manner, allowing them to complete their degree programme according to their preferred pace and schedule. Our online classes are available 24/7 giving the perfect opportunity to finish your courses during your lunch breaks or after you complete your other commitments.

Affordable tuition fee and flexible payment options

The tuition fee of RISE academic programmes is way less compared to the tuition fees of other online institutes. Furthermore, additional discounts and grants reduce the tuition fee considerably. For more information, you may contact our 24/7 academic consultants at

Secured future of alumni

Our exceptional career services assure a successful future of the alumni. RISE has partnered with top employers from around the world in order to facilitate the university's internship and career placement programme. This has helped students attain internships and lucrative jobs at reputed organisations. Employers prefer the graduates of RISE University because of their strong communication, analytical and leadership skills. Our graduates are successfully employed at managerial levels at many well-known national and multinational companies.

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RISE announces its fast-paced & pocket-friendly University programs
RISE announces its fast-paced & pocket-friendly University programs
RISE University offers all working adults and homeschool students worldwide the opportunity to complete their university-level education with utmost ease. RISE University is one
Easily revise and manage Communication Preferences
Easily revise and manage Communication Preferences
With this characteristic added in the RISE student Area, now learners at RISE can see or update their Communication preferences smoothly from the student area, if any information
RISE programs from the school of Social Services aims to deliver the best educational experience to students.
RISE programs from the school of Social Services aims to deliver the best educational experience to students.
The School of Social Services at RISE offers exclusive programs to enable students to face the challenges of the professional career and provide outstanding personal development
RISE begins its student orientation
RISE begins its student orientation
The education procedure at RISE has been made simple to let students to start their studies easily and swiftly
The School of Nursing at RISE comprises of the best learning tools in all its programs.
The School of Nursing at RISE comprises of the best learning tools in all its programs.
RISE School of Nursing engages its students to learn modern nursing in a proficient environment and build up team-working and communication skills.
RISE University is the leader in global online education industry in fighting against scams.
RISE University is the leader in global online education industry in fighting against scams.
RISE University is foremost frontier in the online education industry in establishing a widespread platform to thoroughly fight against the scammers.

Richard wanted a genuine, globally recognized degree for better career prospects. But with his full-time job and other personal commitments, he found it difficult, rather impossible, to pursue a full-time traditional higher education. So he began his search for the right online online university to obtain a university degree. He came up with the following three key questions in this regard.


Richard´s three questions were:

(i) How quickly could he get his degree?
(ii) Was it inexpensive and affordable?
(iii) Was the educational institution accredited and the education it provided of high quality?

He started research and short listed some of the best online universities based on his three requirements.

Richard decided to enroll in RISE University´s program. To his delight and satisfaction, he successfully completed his University degree within a year, in spite of his other full-time projects and personal commitments that took up a chunk of his time.

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